Category: Cooking Techniques and Concepts

Lesson 26: How to Braise

How to Braise Braising is a combination cooking technique. First, a food is lightly sautéed. It is then transferred to a new cooking container where it is placed in liquid. Th en a lid is added and it is finished in the oven. Commonly, a pot roast is considered a roast. But, in fact, a […]

Lesson 25: How to Roast

How to Roast Roasting is a dry cooking technique in which large cuts or whole meats are cooked at 325 degrees Fahrenheit, in an oven or over an open flame. Roasting takes place for an extended period of time, usually several hours. Think about a whole turkey, a whole chicken, entire pork lion, or a […]

Lesson 24: How to Bake

How to Bake Baking is a form of cooking in which dry heat is used inside of a hot oven to indirectly cook a food. Baking must be done in a closed container so that the heat can surround the food that you are trying to cook. Most often, baking is associated with breads and […]

Lesson 23: How to Cook with an Oven

How to Cook with an Oven The oven is an indispensable resource when you are cooking. Ovens come in 2 styles: 1 ConventionalConventional ovens have a heating element, usually at the bottom, that naturally and passively heats the air inside of the oven environment. Th is provides a hot enclosed space where indirect heat may […]

Lesson 21: How to Make Stews

How to Make Stews Stews are very much like soups, except they have much less liquid in them. Think meat and vegetables swimming in gravy. Stews are extremely easy to make and are often a fantastic way to dispose of a left over roast. I, personally, use my left over pot roast in my beef […]

Lesson 20: How to Make Soup

How to Make Soup While most culinary books begin with soups and broths, I believe that great soups are not made only by boiling ingredients together. Great soups are formed by first cooking your base ingredients and then building the flavors beyond this. Most people look at soups as a way to dispose of left […]

Lesson 16: How to Saute

Sautéing is probably the most widely referenced, but improperly labeled cooking technique. When people say that something is sautéed, they actually mean that it has been pan fried or stir fried. But the common phrase that people understand is to refer to this food item as having been sautéed. By definition, a sauté is where […]

Lesson 15: How to Pan Fry

How to Pan Fry Pan frying is more similar to deep fat frying than it is to sautéing or stir frying. A pan fry is where you cook food in at least ½” of oil. Th is oil typically covers about half of the food you are cooking. If the food is completely submerged in […]

Lesson 14: How to Stir Fry

How to Stir Fry A stir fry is probably the easiest form of cooking that one can begin with. They are technically unchallenging, incredibly forgiving, and are very easy to make changes to as you cook. As the name suggests, you physically stir the ingredients in the pan as they are being fried by a […]