Chef Ryan’s How-to-Cook Cookbook

Draw yourself into a culinary adventure!

Chef Ryan has hired YOU to take on the role of the New Hire Cook at Queen Rosemary’s Castle. YOU draw yourself into this culinary experience and learn how to cook, one-on-one, from Chef Ryan! This book has over 400 pages of teaching you how-to-cook, colorable characters, tasty recipes, and personalized tasting journal pages.

Pick up your spatula and favorite colored pencils, and dig right in to Chef Ryan’s How-to-Cook Cookbook for hours of illustrated fun! As the New Hire Cook at Queen Rosemary’s Castle, Chef Ryan will teach you everything you need to know about cooking flavorful cuisine fit for a queen! Joining Chef Ryan and you, on your culinary adventure, are The Five Flavors! They will help teach you what flavor is and how to properly utilize it as you advance through your cooking journey. But wait! There’s more! Don’t be deceived by the charm of The Flavor Fighters who try to convince you to take short cuts that ruin your food.

Chef Ryan’s How-to-Cook Cookbook breaks the mold on the conventional cookbook by adding an interactive and illustrated story line that challenges you to think about the culinary techniques you learn and apply them in at-home learning activities.

What’s inside:
Learning how to cook from fun and colorable characters, critical thinking exercises, and at-home activities that challenge you to practice, in real life, what you have learned

Suitable for ages 13+
FUN and INTERACTIVE for Millennials and Gen Z who want to learn HOW to cook!


Cooking for Chemo ... and After!

A how-to-cook cookbook that teaches you how to adjust your cooking for chemotherapy patients

Gourmand World Cookbook Award Winner
Best New Health and Nutrition Book 2016

20 - 50% of all cancer related deaths are due to Systematic Starvation (cachexia).

Cooking for Chemo ...and After! teaches you how to combat starvation, by understanding how to adjust flavor in your cooking. This enables you to combat the most common eating related chemotherapy side effects and empowers you to live a higher quality of life during cancer treatments.

What’s Inside Cooking for Chemo … and After! is a fully interactive how-to-cook cookbook. This 2016 Gourmand Award winning book is broken up into three major categories:

Foundations of Cooking for Chemo This section teaches you: the basics of flavor, how you perceive flavors, where flavors come from, and how you perceive flavors when you cook and eat.

Application of Cooking for Chemo This section builds on the understandings of flavor, and then teaches you how to accommodate for the most common eating related side effects. Each side effect has its own information dedicated to addressing each issue with proven techniques and strategies that work. These cooking techniques work with all dietary preferences and restrictions.

Implementation of Cooking for Chemo Once you have the two first sections understood, we have included many recipes for you to practice what you have just learned. All of these recipes have the Cooking for Chemo techniques built into them and form the basis for learning how to cook using the Cooking for Chemo techniques. This is broken up logically by type of meal and then alphabetically to make this book very user friendly! Recipe sections include: Main Dishes, Side Dishes, Snack Recipes, Soup Recipes, Smoothie Recipes, and Sauce Recipes.

Bonus Material In addition to this, Cooking for Chemo is filled with tons of bonus content to help make learning easy.

Tasting Journal Pages that allow you to make notes on recipes that you cooked so that you can improve or adjust them for next time.

Herbs and Spices Chart that lists out all major herbs and spices and their uses and functions in a dish.

Review Questions to get you to think about how to apply what you just learned to your unique situation.

At-Home Activities that encourage you to become a hands-on learner and practice the information you learn in your own home.

Standard to Metric Conversion Charts for our friends and loved ones that live outside of the USA.

American English to British English Dictionary. Not sure what an eggplant or cornmeal is? We have a dictionary for that!If you are newly diagnosed with cancer or have a loved one going through cancer treatments, there is no better book that you can buy to help you through your cancer journey.

Cooking for Chemo ...and After! is recommended by numerous cancer organizations, cancer survivors, and used by thousands of individuals the world over. Find out why people love Cooking for Chemo and buy a copy today!


“Chef Ryan takes a fresh approach to designing liberalized meals for the complex changes chemotherapy patients go through in a fun and nutritious way. His cooking tricks account for altered senses as well as appetites, giving cancer patients another resource to increase how much and how many dishes they can eat and enjoy.”
Ryan A Ellison RD LD

"Ryan Callahan’s new cookbook easily could be described as a labor of love, but you just as easily could refer to it as a labor for life -a quality life that’s enjoyable to live.
Jim Erickson, Journalist, West Newsmagazine,

“The book is great!! I love all of the background information and reasons for using certain products. The suggested cooking item replacements for certain foods is also incredibly helpful. I’m going to use this info for everyday cooking.”
Samantha Green, President, National CFC Organizer, Cancer Advocate, Crawl for Cancer, Inc.

"I have been thinking about how I need to eat healthier. And after reading through Chef Ryan Callahan's cookbook, I just had a very satisfying and tasteful dinner of vegetables! Even though the cookbook is called, "Cooking for Chemo," he teaches you how to use spices, sounds, and smells; things I never thought would contribute to making me satisfied after such a healthy dinner. Thanks Ryan! Love Love the cookbook!"
Dorcy Jones-Clark

"Chef Ryan Callahan's book is... well perfect! The recipes are great, and it is fun to read (very rare for a cookbook.)"
Clayton McCarthy, Reviewed on Amazon

"All in all, it's a good cookbook. I really appreciated all the information in the book. It was a lot more than just recipes. He shared some really great cooking techniques. I waited to write the review until I had a chance to try a few of the recipes and they were all really good. I especially enjoyed the smoothies."
Nellwyn C. Blackmon, Reviewed on Amazon

"If you are struggling with foods to keep weight on and have no appetite, there are some really helpful ideas in this book that can be adjusted to your particular needs.I found the information about the palate cleansing and how the flavors work together to be the most interesting. And I love the charts about how and when to add items to a dish..."
Kim M. Builta, Reviewed on Amazon


Cooking for Kids with Cancer

A parent's crash course on food and flavor during and after your child's cancer treatment

Cooking for Kids with Cancer is a parent’s crash course on food and flavor during and after your child’s cancer treatment. This book builds on the principles that Chef Ryan Callahan introduced in his award winning book, Cooking for Chemo ...and After!

Cooking for Kids with Cancer is a self-help guide that helps you to navigate the toughest terrain around... eating during and after cancer treatments! In this book, Chef Ryan Callahan continues the conversation on the role of flavor and taste changes that occur during and after cancer treatments and how to adjust your cooking for those changes. Chef Ryan teaches you how to use the knowledge you will learn in this book to overcome the most common eating related side-effects.

This book is written to teach parents and caregivers how to help their child eat through one of the toughest times in their life. This is not a children’s book. It is an adult’s book. This is a book for the parents and caregivers of children with cancer.


Chef Ryan Callahan’s Tasting Journal

Take professional notes during and after cancer treatment the same way this Chef does

Chef Ryan Callahan’s Tasting Journal is a supplemental resource, that allows you to take professional quality tasting notes during and after cancer treatment. By making notes on the food that you are eating, you will be able to find long term trends and patterns that make choosing your next meal a breeze.

My other books Cooking for Chemo ...and After!, Cooking for Kids with Cancer, and Cooking for Cancer and After, teach you how to identify ingredients, seasonings and flavors that will help you learn how to adjust your cooking during and after cancer treatment. This Tasting Journal works in conjunction with the other texts creating a complete understanding of the taste and flavor changes that are occurring during and after cancer treatments. By using this resource you will be to take control of your eating experience which will empower you to have a better quality of life.

This is another step in your journey to help you think, act, and cook like a true Chef.