Lesson 8: Basic Ingredients You Should Always Have In Your Kitchen

Basic Ingredients You Should Always Have In Your Kitchen

It’s time to start discussing the actual cooking part of the cooking experience. But before we do this, let’s make sure that we have the right basic ingredients in our kitchen at all times so that we can guarantee a fun and stress free cooking environment. The following list of ingredients are absolute basic requirements that everybody should carry regardless of culinary preference. You will notice that this list focuses on building Roundness of Flavor, not on building aromatic quality. To build aromatic quality in your dishes, you will have to purchase herbs and spices to fill out your culinary repertoire.

The reason I have selected these basic ingredients is because almost any dish can be made and improved using these ingredients. You can truly develop the 5 flavors of salty, savory, spicy, sour, and sweet using the following ingredients. The final 6 ingredients are absolute must haves that are used in the cooking process. They do not specifically build the 5 flavors, but you can’t make a cake without flour. And you can not sauté without fat.

kosher salt or coarse ground sea salt
soy sauce
black pepper (fine ground)
red pepper
cayenne pepper
rice vinegar
lemon juice
lime juice
granulated sugar
pure olive oil
extra virgin olive oil
vegetable oil
wheat flour
corn starch

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