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Complete tutorials that teach you how to think and cook like a chef!

Learning how to cook is both fun and exciting! On this website Chef Ryan Callahan is going to teach you all the ins and outs of the entire world of food, but most importantly he will teach you how to cook.

We begin with Part 1: Culinary Theory - Beginner Techniques. By studying these short, easy to understand lessons you will begin to build the foundation of good culinary practice, and have an applied understanding of what makes food tick.

We continue with Part 2: Culinary Techniques - Practical Applications. This section teaches you the three basic pieces of cooking equipment, and the most important techniques that you need to understand so that you can cook virtually anything! (This section is still being updated)

We finish with Part 3: Recipes Combining Theory and Technique. What is the point of learning if you cannot get hands on practice? These recipes combine culinary theory and culinary techniques to teach you how to cook. Each recipe builds on previous techniques that you have learned, and is specifically created for you to practice one cooking technique.  (These recipes are coming soon!)

We hope that you will stick with us for your entire cooking journey! Bookmark this page, and check back regularly as we are always adding new content for you to study and learn!

If you are looking for all of this great content in an easy and fun to use format check out Chef Ryan's How-to-Cook Cookbook! Available Here, and at every major book retailer.

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Chef Ryan is the author of multiple cookbooks! Check them out here.

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Chef Ryan's How-to-Cook Cookbook breaks the mold on the conventional cookbook by adding an interactive and illustrated story line that challenges you to think about the culinary techniques you learn and apply them in at-home learning activities.

What's inside:
Learning how to cook from fun and colorable characters, critical thinking exercises, and at-home activities that challenge you to practice, in real life, what you have learned

Suitable for ages 13+
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