Gourmet Mushrooms


Chef Ryan Grows gourmet mushrooms for commercial and personal consumption. Our mushrooms are grown on all-natural substrates, using hardwoods, straw and other all-natural growing mediums.

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Italian Oyster Mushrooms

Italian Oyster Mushrooms are a super savory variety of Oyster mushroom. They are roughly the same color as portobello mushrooms but are extra aeromatic, and extra savory. They are best served cooked, and only require about a 3 minute saute in garlic and olive oil to bring out their best flavors! Personally I think they taste like grilled steak!


Wine Cap Mushrooms

Wine caps are a classic button mushroom, except that instead of being 1-2 inches in diameter, they can grow over a foot in diameter! Ours grow outside so they are not available all the time, but seasonally as the weather allows. We expect our first harvest in September.