Lesson 26: How to Braise

How to Braise

Braising is a combination cooking technique. First, a food is lightly sautéed. It is then transferred to a new cooking container where it is placed in liquid. Th en a lid is added and it is finished in the oven. Commonly, a pot roast is considered a roast. But, in fact, a pot roast is actually a braise. This is due to the fact that roasting is a dry technique only.

Braising uses both dry and moist heat to create exceptional and highly flavorful dishes. French in origin, braises are specifically for use in French country cooking. Braises are typically created in a large clay pot called a daube. They can also be created in any high-sided pan regardless of construction material, as long as there is a lid. If a lid is not available, aluminum foil may be substituted. The addition of a lid causes the moisture to become trapped. This helps to create a moist and tender finished product.

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